Give Yourself These Advantages When You Quit Smoking

You need a plan when you quit smoking, and every advantage you can think of. Set yourself up for success by including the following in your plot to take your life back from cigarettes.

The Power Of Suggestion

While nobody disputes the challenges smokers face when trying to quit, they certainly are inundated with the idea that it’s next to impossible. Hmm. First of all, that’s just too discouraging. Second of all, it leads a smoker to believe they need some kind of assistance–such as a cessation aid! You’re simply being passed from one major marketing force to another, mainly big tobacco and the companies selling cessation products. Stop listening to the media sources, and tell yourself you can do it, no matter what. The power of your own mind is unquestionably greater than that of any advertising myth. Think of people you know (or have heard of) who simply quit cold turkey. It’s about making your mind up and sticking to it.

A Group Hug

Few things help people to get through anything in life like having someone else to lean on. In particular, others who are going through the same thing now or have in the past. Join some kind of support group, either online or in person and make it a habit of showing up regularly. Tell people your name and that your objective is to quit smoking. Tell them when and why you started, and you’re sure to have others who relate. “I was in high school too.” or “I started because my dad smoked.” Adopt a sort of sponsor in the group whom you can call when cravings start to get the best of you. Contact the group’s leader and ask for help! Do whatever it takes to get through to the other side where you can finally call yourself a nonsmoker.

Medical Science

While some may call patches, gums and electronic cigarettes a crutch or simply another addiction, they do really work for a lot of people. Your first line of defense must still be the power of your own thinking, but maybe chewing nicotine gum will see you through the worst times. Have a serious conversation with your physician and ask what your best options are. You must use everything at your disposal to succeed, and it takes different methods for different people.

A Substitute Habit

Take up a hobby, particularly one where you will not be able to smoke. Also, consider the benefits of exercise as a substitute for smoking. Carry carrot sticks around with you or one of those stress balls that people squeeze to relieve anxiety. The point is that you need something to occupy your hands, mouth and mind, since cigarettes has been doing it for so long. Type a novel or start a garden in your backyard. Have anything lined up that will keep you busy and get your mind off smoking.

One Big Fat Reward

Promise yourself something huge if you go six months without smoking, then something even more fantastic after a year. Get somebody else in on it too, like your parents, spouse or children. Maybe your mom will get you season tickets if you promise to stop trying so hard to develop a respiratory condition by smoking! Kick the habit and trade in your old car or buy a new flat screen. You’ll certainly have some extra cash if you’ve stopped buying cigarettes, and you certainly will have earned whatever reward your heart desires.

Taking your life back from e cigs UK┬ámeans owning the power. You won’t be controlled by them anymore and gradually, your body will return to a more normal and healthy state. Let nothing stand between you and quitting, and don’t stop until you succeed.